A Brief History of Pest Control

Many people believe that the trade of pest control dates back to the dawn of agriculture and, thus, our elevation from hunter-gatherers to the communities that would eventually become civilisations. Pest control is essential for agriculture, as pests can interfere with crops and other domesticated animals so it’s fairly safe to assume that this practice has been in operation for around 10,000 years. However, later than this, ancient civilisations practised some interesting techniques. Here’s some of them.

In Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC, the Egyptians began utilising cats as wardens against pests in grain storage facilities. These feline patrollers would guard the crops against rodents like rats and mice. This is understood to be the oldest form of pest control and, thanks to this technique, cats were domesticated. So, if you’ve got a cat at home, this is all thanks to the Ancient Egyptians.

In Mesopotamia, a civilisation in Ancient Iraq, farmers used sulfur as a way to control insects that would pillage the crops. This is the very first recorded instance of chemicals being used as a way to control pests.

Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations       

Both the Greeks and the Romans had inventive ways to control pests on their farmland. It’s said that the Greeks used to chase locusts into the sea from their crops using fire. Bizarrely, farmers in Greece apparently used to hang crayfish or the skull of a horse within their crops to get rid of caterpillars.

Years later in Rome, a scholar named Varro discovered a substance to kill insects and weeds that is actually still used today! Named Amurca, Varro would boil olives and salt in a copper pot to create the chemical which could then be used on the farmland. Many variants were used to create more effective remedies after Varro’s initial discovery.

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