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Bedbugs Eradication Services in UK

Bedbugs were once extinct in the UK, but are now becoming one of the biggest pests that we have to deal with here at Eliminate. Attending call outs to exterminate bedbugs throughout the UK are now routine for Eliminate Ltd technicians. Bedbugs are on the rise in and around many of the city centres in the UK. Bedbugs are a nuisance and in a wide variety of commercial and domestic settings throughout the UK.

Eliminate Ltd has eradicated bedbugs in lots of different properties, both commercial and domestic, throughout the UK, we, therefore, have the training and experience to resolve your bedbug infestation efficiently. Discretion is something we strive for with all customers as we realise insects of this nature are highly upsetting causing high levels of distress to our customers.

Generally speaking, an Eliminate technician will strive to be with you within two hours.

Eradication of bed bugs

Our bedbug programmes consist of using a knockdown spray to take out as many of these unwanted pests as possible in one go. The spray we use not only kills the eggs, adult and juvenile (nymph) bedbugs on contact with the insect but will also remain active for a period of time after the initial spray treatment.

Eliminate Ltd strive to kill bedbugs in one treatment and will advise on pre-treatment process and how to reduce chances of re-occurrence in the future.


Eliminate Ltd have a monitoring programme that is available to commercial premises that is discreet and can be carried out at regular intervals. This means that we can catch any bedbug problems in their infancy, this means a quicker response time and an eradication programme put into action before the point of infestation.