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Cockroach Eradication Service in the UK

Cockroaches are becoming far more common within more urban areas, attending call outs to exterminate cockroaches throughout the UK are now routine for Eliminate’s Technicians. Cockroaches are a nuisance and health risk in a wide variety of industrial and domestic settings throughout the UK.

Eliminate has eradicated cockroaches in lots of different properties, both commercial and domestic, throughout Scotland and Northern England, therefore, have the experience and training to resolve your cockroach problem fast and efficiently.

Discretion is something we strive for with all customers as we realise insects of this nature are highly upsetting causing high levels of distress to our customers.

Eradication of cockroaches

Our Cockroach programmes consist of using a knockdown spray to take out as many of these unwanted pests as possible in one go.   The spray we use not only kills the eggs, adult and juvenile (nymph) cockroaches on contact with the insect but will also remain active for a period of time after the initial spray treatment.   In conjunction with this, we will also treat the affected area with an edible poison in a gel form and this will round up any cockroaches that may be missed by the initial spray.


In some situations, insect proofing will go a long way to help with issues in domestic and commercial premises.   Eliminate can provide one of the  eradication services as well as ongoing roach monitoring and control programmes.   Your Technician will advise you of the best products available to make your property a fortress against re-infestation.

Fast & Effective Service from Eliminate Ltd

Eliminate strives to kill cockroaches in one treatment, but due to the resilience of cockroaches more than one treatment may be necessary.

Generally speaking an Eliminate Technician will strive to be with you within two hours.