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COVID 19 - Pest Control Support During Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is being gripped by Coronavirus pandemic and the UK is changing its habbits and behaviours due to this. Newcastle and North East

Here at Eliminate we are no different… Glasgow and the West   

The teams across Scotland and Northern England will continue to provide support to commercial and domestic customers while safe to do so. 

Eliminate always have a plentiful supply of anti bacterial and biocide products. Our team are provided with single use gloves and cleaning products as part of every day equipment. 

Technicians have been advised to wear their masks and respirators if they or our customers have any concerns. 

In addition to following guidelines from the UK Government and advice from The British Pest Control Association, Eliminate are seeking ways to help customers remotely who cannot have work carried out due to health reasons.

Through our website chat facility , facebook messenger, email, phone and WhatsApp, we will support customers as much as possible with advice in the event we cannot access the property. Isolation can be stressful enough without worrying about pests, our team are at hand to help put your mind at ease should there be any pest concerns.  

Whether an insect identification, noises in attic , or nibbled food in your kitchen, Eliminate will continue to support our customers as much as possible whilst keeping the safety of our technicians and customers a priority.  https://www.facebook.com/EliminateLiverpoolandNorthWest/