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Flea Eradication Service in the UK

If you have a dog or cat you may be familiar with fleas and treatments. Fleas can also be carried by other hairy animals such as rabbits, squirrels, foxes and rats.

What do you do when they take over your home or business?



About Fleas

There are a number of household items that will help control and infestation, but using a British Pest Control Association member such as Eliminate, means your home will be treated with much stronger products than available in a shop, and will kill off the fleas lifecycle, not just the ones you can see.

Bites can be painful but that’s mostly due to irritation that the bites can cause. If not treated swiftly, fleas can have a damaging effect. Within businesses, this can affect your staff moral and reputation. If customers are affected, they may stay away from your business and recovery from instances like this can cause huge disruption to your business.

Eradication of Fleas

Our flea treatment programmes consist of using a knockdown spray to take out as many of these unwanted pests as possible in one go. The spray we use not only kills the eggs, adult and juvenile (nymph) fleas on contact with the insect but will also remain active for a period of time after the initial spray treatment.

Eliminate Ltd strive to kill fleas in one treatment and will give advice of preventing future problems.

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