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Landfill Falconry Services - Dawn to Dusk Gull Control

There is nothing more attractive to a gull than the fest that a Landfill provides. Though we are all keen to recycle, there are still some things that go through a waste process . Service operators  have various solutions to minimize what goes into a  Landfill site and processes to follow. Until the land is restored to nature, it is important to minimize the environmental impact gulls can have on the area and surrounding environment.

At Eliminate, we understand the health implications of having gulls on your site and the impact they can have on your neighbors. As well as providing falconry services, our team utilize our pest control expertise to minimize the impact of flies and rodents too.


Environment Agency

The Environment Agency sets forth a number of requirements for Landfill sites in order to reduce the environmental impact of activities on the environment and surrounding areas.

Within Pest Control, sites are recommended to follow procedures which limit the presence of scavenging birds particularly where sites may affect aircraft flight paths. Combined with good Landfill practices, bird control can keep your site free of activity.

You will need accurate logs of activity, licences, insurances and above all, experts in this field of work. You can rest assured, Eliminate Ltd can provide all the coverage you require to keep your site pest free.

How Eliminate Can Help

Eliminate provide a wide range of services when it comes to gull control including:

• flying birds of prey over the site
• bird kites mimicking birds of prey
• shell crackers – containing flare and bangers
• rope bangers
• gas cannons
• scarecrows – fixed or mobile
• amplified recordings of bird distress calls (species specific)
• electronic sounds imitating calls of distress