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Mole Eradication Services in the UK

The common mole is a small mammal that can become a nuisance and can pose a health and safety risk in a wide variety of rural, industrial and domestic settings.

As a commercial problem, these small burrowing mammals can pose a significant risk to livestock undermining the soil and having the potential to injure animals. There can also be a financial risk involved to premises such as golf courses if the moles are left unchecked. In a domestic situation, it will only take one mole to destroy a garden that has cost untold hours of tireless labour by the homeowner.


Moles present a challenge as they carry an array of sensory organs that mean they can be tricky, but with our training & experience Eliminate Ltd can resolve your mole problems making sure we can get rid of moles as quickly as possible.

Generally speaking, an Eliminate technician will strive to be with you within two hours.


At Eliminate Ltd, have many options of how to eradicate moles allowing us to resolve rodent problems fast and efficiently. Using scissor and tunnel traps and in extreme measures gassing. We have access to the newest products on the market allowing Eliminates team of technicians access to the most hi-tech of equipment. This makes us your pest control company of choice.