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Ant Removal

Ants can be a common nuisance insect that can quickly become a problem in a wide variety of industrial and domestic settings. Ants are often attracted to kitchens by food and sticky substances.

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BedBug Eradication

Bedbugs were once extinct in the UK, but are now becoming one of the biggest pests that we have to deal with here at Eliminate. Attending call outs to exterminate bedbugs throughout the UK are now routine for Eliminate Ltd technicians.

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Bird Proofing

Bird proofing your premises provides a non-lethal alternative to remove pest birds from your site. This is a holistic approach that means there is no harm done what so ever to the intended pest species.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are becoming far more common within more urban areas, attending call outs to exterminate cockroaches in Glasgow are now routine for Eliminate’s Technicians.

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Falconry Response

Falconry response offers a holistic, unique and non-lethal alternative method to remove pest birds from your site.

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Food Premises

Eliminate Limited are Scotland’s elite providers of pest control for your food premises supplying you with everything you need for your site.

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Grey Squirrels Control

Grey squirrels frequently become a nuisance in urban areas after they come into dwellings looking for somewhere to hibernate or have their young.

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Mole Eradication

The common mole is a small mammal that can become a nuisance and can pose a health and safety risk in a wide variety of rural, industrial and domestic settings.

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Rodent Control

Mice and rats are common rodents that can become a nuisance and health risk in a wide variety of rural industrial and domestic settings.

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Solar Panel Proofing

Eliminate Limited specialise in stopping birds from going under solar panels. We erect a weld mesh guard around your solar panels that will prevent pigeons and squirrels from accessing and nesting under your panels

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Wasp and bee Removal

Wasps and bees are common stinging insects that become a nuisance in a wide variety of industrial and domestic settings.

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Fast, friendly, professional and efficient! Wasps were gone from our loft in a couple of days. Distance no object (all the way to Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire). Fully recommend Ian and his team.

Debbie Cheyne

We had a problem with a squirrel trying to take over a stable block. Called Eliminate who provided a great service – turned up on time, no fuss and got the job done.

Michelle Coyle

Fast, professional and none of the usual nonsense you seem to get so often from contractors. 150 year old house with a resident rodent issue quickly resolved – won’t hesitate to call back when I want the 17 wasps’ nests taken out of the loft.

Tony Knoble

I would highly recommend Ian at Eliminate he helped me get rid of some wasps causing me grief at home. Very helpful and easy to deal with.

Robert Kirk

Thanks for your services in getting rid of these pesky wasps. Your staff were very professional and polite at all times.They were there within an hour of me phoning you. Excellent service.

Graeme Fross