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Problems Associated with Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels frequently become a nuisance in urban areas after they come into dwellings looking for somewhere to hibernate or have their young. This can often cause serious issues within the building itself as they very often damage electrical cables as well as water tanks and the fabric of the building itself.

Another problem that is becoming more common is the grey squirrel building its nest (Drey) under solar panels causing significant damage to the panels themselves as well as the fabric of the building.

Habitat and Distribution

The grey squirrel has been in the UK since the 1800’s and can be found in almost every environment including cities as there are easy food sources and habitats that can be exploited. Anywhere that has a close proximity to trees can hold a sustainable habitat, in towns and cities they frequently live in parks and gardens, often moving into attics! They are highly adaptable creatures and this has enabled them to colonise the majority of the UK.

Grey Squirrel Control

Eliminate Limited can control grey squirrels in a number of legal ways and our Technicians will be happy to advise the best method for the situation that the offending grey squirrel is in.  In addition Eliminate Limited. can also provide squirrel proofing to the building in a number of ways where squirrels are a problem.

It is an offence under the Countryside Act 1981 to release or allow escape of a grey squirrel. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 all trapped animals must be dispatched humanely.

Species Identification

The grey squirrel is considerably larger than the red squirrel weighing at around 500g with a length of 25 – 26.5cm to the base of the tail. The tail is large approximately 22cm long and is bushy in appearance. The grey squirrel’s fur is grey in appearance. The only species the grey squirrel can be easily confused with in the UK is the highly PROTECTED red squirrel.

Our Technicians are highly trained to RSPH level 2 as a minimum.  We are constantly striving to become the best in our field of expertise keeping up-to-date with all current training and legislation. We specialize in many areas of pest control, having unique insight into how certain species will react to a set of circumstances. This means that we can often find an alternative method to eliminate any pest problems on your premises.

Our team of Technicians will always get back to you within 24 hours. We understand the distress pests can cause as well as the financial damage they can cause on business premises. We will do our utmost to keep this to a minimum.

Eliminate strive for the highest standards of health and safety and as such is a safe contractor. We have our own Health and Safety policy and are CHAS certified.

A full risk assessment will be carried out on your premises before we begin any work.  The Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be provided with a copy of Insurance, relevant Training Certificates and a COSHH Report before treatments or proofing start on site.


Fast, friendly, professional and efficient! Wasps were gone from our loft in a couple of days. Distance no object (all the way to Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire). Fully recommend Ian and his team.

Debbie Cheyne

We had a problem with a squirrel trying to take over a stable block. Called Eliminate who provided a great service – turned up on time, no fuss and got the job done.

Michelle Coyle

Fast, professional and none of the usual nonsense you seem to get so often from contractors. 150 year old house with a resident rodent issue quickly resolved – won’t hesitate to call back when I want the 17 wasps’ nests taken out of the loft.

Tony Knoble

I would highly recommend Ian at Eliminate he helped me get rid of some wasps causing me grief at home. Very helpful and easy to deal with.

Robert Kirk

Thanks for your services in getting rid of these pesky wasps. Your staff were very professional and polite at all times.They were there within an hour of me phoning you. Excellent service.

Graeme Fross