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Common problems associated with feral pigeons

Feral pigeons are a continuous nuisance and can also be a health hazard in both commercial and domestic environments. Some issues associated with high numbers of feral pigeons:

  • Excrement causing fouling and creating a serious health risk.
  • Noise pollution from nesting birds in close proximity to human dwellings.
  • Damage to buildings and sites from the corrosive nature of their guano.

Habitat and behaviour

The versatility of the feral pigeon has enabled it to thrive on every continent except Antarctica. These animals are highly intelligent and have learnt to occupy many different environments both urban and more remote. The feral pigeon seems to be able to exploit almost any food source available and can be seen scavenging from bins or helping themselves to the seeds of a newly sown field.

Problems caused by pigeons

Pigeons can be a big problem for businesses as well as in domestic situations.  Pigeons can be a public health problem and large pigeon colonies do not look good on a business from a customer or investors point of view.   A single pigeon is more than capable of producing 25lbs of guano a year which not only looks unsightly but carry’s a significant health risk. Pigeons carry an array of diseases including Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Pigeons under solar panels

Eliminate Limited are getting more and more call outs to deal with birds under solar panels, this is almost always pigeons.   We are specialised in this area of bird proofing and have done many jobs where we have had to remove pigeons from under solar panels and then make sure that they don’t get under by bird proofing solar panels.

How to get rid of pigeons?

Getting rid of pigeons can be a bit trickier than with other birds. The most effective measure of pigeon control is bird proofing.


Eliminate Limited have a multitude of ways to tackle these clever adaptable birds.   Each site is different and this is where our Eliminate Technicians training and knowledge shines through to give you the quickest and most effective method to eliminate your pest bird issues. Whether it is a scaring method or total eradication by proofing we have the solution to your problem.

Species Identification

he feral pigeon is probably the most common bird to cause a problem in Scotland. They are a medium size bird ranging from 28 – 40cm in length. They tend to be seen in flocks of various sizes and they also are communal roosting birds. This highly adaptable bird has a very broad spectrum of colours and patterns to the plumage. Pigeons can rear up to seven broods a year usually consisting of two to three chicks.


Our Technicians are highly trained to RSPH level 2 as a minimum.  We are constantly striving to become the best in our field of expertise keeping up-to-date with all current training and legislation. We specialize in many areas of pest control, having unique insight into how certain species will react to a set of circumstances. This means that we can often find an alternative method to eliminate any pest problems on your premises.

Our team of Technicians will always get back to you within 24 hours. We understand the distress pests can cause as well as the financial damage they can cause on business premises. We will do our utmost to keep this to a minimum.

Eliminate strive for the highest standards of health and safety and as such is a safe contractor. We have our own Health and Safety policy and are CHAS certified.

A full risk assessment will be carried out on your premises before we begin any work.  The Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be provided with a copy of Insurance, relevant Training Certificates and a COSHH Report before treatments or proofing start on site.


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Debbie Cheyne

We had a problem with a squirrel trying to take over a stable block. Called Eliminate who provided a great service – turned up on time, no fuss and got the job done.

Michelle Coyle

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Robert Kirk

Thanks for your services in getting rid of these pesky wasps. Your staff were very professional and polite at all times.They were there within an hour of me phoning you. Excellent service.

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