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Rat Removal & Mice Control Services in the UK

Rats and mice are an extremely common issue in the UK and can be a nuisance in a huge variety of rural, industrial and domestic settings. In addition to this, rats and mice are rodents that can pose a health risk to us, which is why they should be dealt with professionally.

Eliminate Ltd has eradicated rats and mice in lots of different properties, both commercial and domestic.

Treatment Options

At Eliminate, our highly trained and experienced team can resolve your rodent issue as quickly and discreetly as possible, ensuring that your property is rid of rats and mice in no time.

When you choose Eliminate, there are a number of different options to choose from to ensure that your rodent issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. We can use first or second generation anticoagulant poisons, effective traps and, in extreme measures, gassing. Our professional team of technicians have access to the latest products and most advanced equipment, making us the pest control company of choice.

Rodent Proofing

In some situations, rodent proofing will go a long way to help with issues in domestic and commercial premises.  Eliminate can provide one of the eradication services as well as ongoing rodent monitoring and control programmes.  Your Technician will advise you on the best products available to make your property a fortress against infestation.

Instant Respnse!

Generally speaking, an Eliminate technician will strive to be with you within two hours.