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Advanced Climbing, Rope Access, IPAF, CSCS and PASMA certified specialists

Eliminate Ltd Advanced Climbing team are able to safely work on a number of challenging sites.

Whether it is tackling unusual wasp and bee nests, guano removal from telecoms towers or bird proofing on roofs, no job is too big or small.

Our team are fully certified to carry out work using MEWP and scaffolding but whenever possible, their climbing skills are used. This is great for our customers by helping to keep costs down and reducing time taken to carry out work.

Our Experts Methods - Communication Towers - Industrial Cleaning

When electrical and telecommunications engineers carry out work on communications towers guano can hamper their activities in terms of access and grip.

Pigeon guano can also cause a public health risk and large flocks of pigeons can carry an array of diseases including salmonella and botulism. The most commonly found disease transmitted by birds such as pigeons and is know as Ornithosis. Although more like a flu-type disease, it should be noted that fatalities can occur just as with other influenza viruses.

Our Advanced Climbing team are experienced in eliminating these risks.

Highly Qualified

Our Advanced climbing team carry our solar panel proofing throughout Scotland and Northern England. With regular training updates and top climbing equipment, they are prepared to take on a variety of commercial and domestic bird proofing requirements.

Their skills and experience mean that whatever the challenge, their bird proofing activities are completed in a safe and timely manner.

Our team have experience working on construction sites, cinemas, supermarkets, football stadiums, factories and many other commercial buildings to prevent bird problems. Our wide range of bird proofing options are easily installed by Advanced Climbers without the need to hire in additional equipment.