Signs of Cockroaches

Cockroaches in the UK can be found in a variety of industrial, agricultural and domestic environments.

You may come across signs such as:

  • A strong sour smell
  • Faecal spotting
  • Egg cases


Cockroaches can be found throughout the whole of the UK both in urban and rural areas. We have found that a large amount of our domestic and commercial call outs are for cockroaches in cities. Across our service areas, cockroach numbers appear to be on the rise, particularly in highly populated areas.

Eliminate Limited has eradicated Cockroaches in lots of different properties, including agricultural, commercial and domestic, throughout Scotland.


Eliminate Limited. have eradicated cockroaches in many different types of environment.

Our Technicians are highly skilled in treating infestations, having both the experience and training needed to control these crawling insects.

Insect screening can go a long way to help with issues in commercial and domestic premises and there are also cockroach traps available that will help keep cockroaches under control.

Species Identification

The three main species of cockroaches encountered in Scotland are The German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and the American Cockroach.

The German cockroach is yellowish brown around 12 -15mm long and winged (tend not to fly). Long antennae and long spiny legs.

The Oriental Cockroach is Dark brown and is between 17 – 30mm long. Having only partial wings or buds it is incapable of flight. Long flexible antenna with well developed spikey legs.

The American cockroach is brown or reddish in colouration and measures between 25 – 40mm.