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Solar Panel Bird Proofing throughout Scotland and Northern England

Eliminate Limited specialise in stopping birds from going under solar panels. We erect a weld mesh guard around your solar panels that will prevent pigeons and squirrels from accessing and nesting under your panels. This gives an aesthetic finish while preventing the pest birds or squirrels re-infesting your premises.

Materials Used

All materials that are used on site are specific to the job on hand and made from the best components on the market.  We can use clips that attach themselves to the perimeter of the panels so no damage is done to the panel itself.


Eliminate Limited’s bird proofing team are qualified and experienced in this specialised area of pest control.   This gives us many options to employ different methods to get the job done as safely as possible.   This versatility also means we can be cost-effective, with training at height certification, IPAF and PASMA qualifications our team will determine the best way to access your trouble spots.

Eliminate also have a rope access team for those tricky and hard to reach areas.

Solar Panel Proofing

Eliminate Limited has completed a huge amount of solar panel proofing throughout Scotland and recently expanded this service to Northern England.

Stopping pigeons going under solar panels keeps us busy and bookings are only restricted by weather and availability of climbers. As there is no need for additional access equipment, appointments are flexible which is a huge advantage given the unpredictable nature of UK weather.

Solar panel proofing is in high demand to stop squirrels and pigeons making a nuisance of themselves.  Many customers recommend us time and again to new clients, due to the thorough and neat work that Eliminate provides.  Solar panel proofing  is one of the busiest parts of our proofing team’s work, leading to many call outs for solar panel proofing throughout Scotland and Northern England.

Whether you are in Leeds or Lossiemouth, Carlisle or Campbelltown, the Eliminate team are here to help.