Some Interesting Facts About Ants

Ants might not seem like the most interesting animals in the world, but they’re actually fascinating. As such a ubiquitous insect we might forget some of their more impressive traits because we come into contact with them everyday. Here are just a few facts.

They’re Very Strong

It’s well known, but ants are incredibly strong animals in relation to their size. In fact, they might just be the strongest in the world relatively! Ants can carry between 10 and 50 times their own body weight; some species can ever carry 100 times their own weight. To put that in perspective, that’s similar to a human carrying two fully grown male hippos.

As a Group, They Can Be Highly Intelligent

A single ant is not the most intelligent thing on the planet. Sure, they can perform the tasks programmed into them from their nature and they have some astonishing physical attributes individually but it’s when we look at them collectively that things become very interesting.

Collectively, ants can do some impressive things, like build bridges out of their own bodies. They do this by collectively assessing the distance and figuring out the easiest way to cross the expanse. They can even collectively figure out how many ants from the colony they can afford to use and make that judgement as a collective body.

They Can Live In Huge Supercolonies

Ants live together in huge colonies, but some are gargantuan. The largest ant nest ever found was more than 3,700 miles wide! That’s about the same distance between Berlin and Montreal. The colony, which was discovered in Argentina, featured 33 separate populations that had all joined together to create a huge ant metropolis.

They Farm Other Animals

Very bizarrely, some ants actually farm other animals. Apart from humans, they are the only other animal to do this. They perform this strange task by protecting aphids from other predators so that they can get a consistent source of honeydew from the insect.

Some Species of Ants are Slavers

Stranger still, some species of ants even create a population of slaves to do their work for them by invading other colonies and forcing them into labour. They do this by parasitizing a specific species and then acting as overlords to this new underclass.

Pest Control Services in Northern England and Scotland

Although ants may be fascinating creatures, they’re also a pest and can be a real nuisance in a number of industrial or domestic situations by contaminating your kitchen and cooking areas.

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