Ten things to know about Fleas

With warnings from a number of publications, fleas are rife this August. Sky News even went as far to call it “Fleamageddon” and RSPCA have put out warnings to pet owners.

The British summertime has brought us a mix of hot and wet weather and these humid conditions are ideal for fleas breeding in homes and businesses.

Cat and Dog owners may expect these insects but more and more non pet owners are being affected.

Here are ten things about fleas you may not know :

1.Fleas don’t fly. They can however jump as high as 8 inches, that’s 150 times their own height.

2.If humans could jump in proportion to a flea, we could jump over skyscrapers

3.Fleas can have 400 – 500 offspring in a lifetime.

4.Fleas don`t sleep but they do have rest periods during the day where they won`t move much but excrete throughout the day. You are more likely to encounter them from dusk until dawn.

5.Rats are more commonly known for spreading the Bubonic Plague. It was actually the fleas the rats carried that transmitted the infection from rats into humans.

6.Fleas can live on any warm-blooded animal and feed off them.

7.Regular vacuuming will help control of fleas in your home but remember to empty the vacuum as they will continue to live in there and get out.

8.Don`t like spiders? If your home is prone to fleas, spiders could be your best friend as they eat fleas as well as other insects.

9.Flea eggs are killed by salt but it does not affect the adults.

10.Flea bites cause irritation as they transmit bacteria, spreading disease.

About Fleas

There are a number of household items that will help control and infestation, but using a British Pest Control Association member such as Eliminate, means your home will be treated with much stronger products than available in a shop, and will kill off the fleas lifecycle, not just the ones you can see.

Bites can be painful but that’s mostly due to irritation that the bites can cause. If not treated swiftly, fleas can have a damaging effect. Within businesses, this can affect your staff moral and reputation. If customers are affected, they may stay away from your business and recovery from instances like this can cause huge disruption to your business.

To eliminate Fleas from your home or business, call Eliminate Ltd on 0800 731 1164 or email enquiries@eliminatesolutions.co.uk for a quote and to book an appointment with one of our Technicians.

Eliminate Solutions

We at Eliminate Solutions know that pests can be a nightmare in and around your home and can even be potentially harmful to you and your family. If you own a business, an infestation could be a disaster for your company! Thankfully, you can trust Elimate Ltd to help with your flea, ant, bed bug and other insect problems, anytime you need us. We also have huge expertise in rodents, wasps, birds, squirrels and moles.

We’re proud to say that we are available 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week. Severe infestations can be damaging to businesses and can have a knock-on effect not only to your walk-in customers – but nearby businesses as well. Our team work across Scotland and Northern England, so whether you are in Liverpool, Manchester, York, Newcastle, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee or anywhere around and in between, your flea problem can be eliminated. Get in touch with the pest control services team at Eliminate today. Contact us on 0800 731 1164 or email us here.