Think you may have a wasp problem?

Signs of Wasps

Wasps in the UK can be found in a variety of domestic environments

You may come across signs such as:

  • Wasps entering and exiting premises
  • Nests in cavity walls, flowerbeds, hedges, behind structural cladding and commonly in loft spaces

What is a wasp?

Wasps are large (10- 15mm) buzzing winged insects, yellow and black in colouration with a “wasp waist”.  They lack the fuzzy appearance of bees and nest in large colonies capable of producing up to 30,000 wasps per year. Wasps carry a powerful sting that they use when they are upset or agitated.

How wasps arrive and where do they live?

Wasps have a larger queen (20mm) that is similar in appearance to the workers.   The queen will hibernate over winter and emerge around mid April.   The queen is already fertilised from the previous year and will start searching for a suitable nest site for her colony to start. Once a suitable site is located the queen will build her first nest called a “cell”.   This cell is about golf ball sized and within this she will lay her first brood.   

Once this brood hatches they will carry on making a larger nest that can contain up to 5000 individuals at any time. The nest is made of a substance similar to paper that the wasps create from dried timber and chewed bark that is mixed with saliva.

Wasps can be found throughout the whole of the UK both in urban and rural areas.

Eliminate Limited has eradicated wasps in lots of different properties, both commercial and domestic, throughout Scotland and Northern England

Treatments and deterrents

Eliminate have eradicated wasps in many different types of environment.

Our most unusual nest of 2019 (so far) was inside a juice can machine. Other weird and wonderful nests include inside gas boxes and inside a communications conduit underground.

Our Technicians are highly skilled in treating nests, having both the experience and training needed to control these stinging insects.

Insect screening will go a long way to help with issues in commercial premises without compromising on ventalation.

There are also wasp traps available that will attract wasps away from beer gardens and other hot spots such as playgrounds, parks and gardens.