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Wildlife Control Specialists

At Eliminate, we provide a wide range of services, some you would expect from any Pest Control company but a few which are more specialised and not so commonly talked about.

Eliminate Ltd continuously provide training and development opportunities for our team in order to provider a wider range of services for our customers. Our Technicians are trained and certified marksmen and able to deal with a variety of additional needs.

Our Specialist Wildlife Control Services include

Rabbit Control – Rabbits are a pest to farmers and gardeners, causing crop damage to arable land. Wild rabbits burrow under roads, railways and through archaeological sites, causing subsidence and other damage to buildings. Their dropping and urine contaminate land so only weeds can survive and farmers loose crops not only by rabbits eating them but by their general activities.

Mole Control – Moles cause havoc for farmers and gardeners by borrowing and creating molehills as they go. In Agriculture, this can have a very costly effect on crops and soil quality as they search for food and mates.

Fox Control – Foxes will eat pretty much anything they can taking the opportunity to eat insects, fruit, birds, small mammals and scraps left by humans. Numbers of urban foxes are on the rise in many cities due to range of food sources available. It has been know for foxes to attack pets and birds in urban areas, not just chickens and ducks that one would expect in farms.

Deer Control – Deer numbers are increasing in the UK and culling is becoming more common as numbers are now at their highest for 1000 years in the UK.  Deer cause millions of pounds of damage to plantations and woodland every year according to the Forestry Commission of Scotland and over 8000 hectares is deemed as “unfavourable” or “recovering” from damage cause by deer grazing and affecting the biodiversity of woodland.

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Fox and Rabbit Control

Foxes and rabbits can cause many problems for both domestic and commercial customers

Football and Rugby grounds are threatened by foxes regularly. Digging causes problems with the pitch but can cause serious injury to players.

Foxes are able to access a varied food source and take up home in domestic and commercial locations. They can be lovely to look at but many find the smell, noise and waste very disturbing.

Rabbits have been known to cause damage to historical sites as well as causing problems with fouling in public places.

Safety and Access are Our Priorities

Eliminate, our highly-trained team are both experienced and qualified in this specialised area of pest control. In order to ensure that the job is carried out as safely as possible, we have a number of different options and methods available.

Our Specialist Services are delivered by a highly qualified and experienced team who always put safety first and assess every situation for the safest options of control available.