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The Pigeon Pest Control Experts

At Eliminate, we provide a non-lethal alternative bird control service for those who need their premises bird proofing. Our expert and holistic approach to bird proofing ensures that absolutely no harm is caused to the intended pest species.

Due to years of experience, the bird proofing team at Eliminate can provide customers with an aesthetic finish that prevents birds from re-infesting your property. From buildings and statues to air ducts and other items, Eliminate have the skills and expertise to bird proof whatever you require. No matter the establishment or environment, whether it’s domestic or commercial, Eliminate are here to assist you if you need to remove birds that are feeding, nesting or roosting within your premises.

Methods of Deterrent

All materials that are used on site are professional quality, specific to the job at hand and made from the best components on the market. We regularly supply and fit the highest standard:

  • Netting
  • Pigeon spikes
  • Avishock
  • Post and wire
  • Bird free gel

Safety and Access are Our Priorities

Eliminate, our highly-trained team are both experienced and qualified in this specialised area of pest control. In order to ensure that the job is carried out as safely as possible, we have a number of different options and methods available. This versatility also means we can be cost-effective, with training at height certification, IPAF and PASMA qualifications our team will determine the best way to access your trouble spots.