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Posted Wednesday 15, January 2020 by Eilidh Manson & filled under General News

Nowadays if we want a roast chicken or some meat for dinner it’s easy to simply go to the nearest butcher or supermarket and pick up the cuts you want. However, in times gone by many people had to rely on hunting to put read more

Posted Thursday 09, January 2020 by Eilidh Manson & filled under Uncategorized

Whether it is at the side of a road, your garden or a field, you may have seen mole hills around from early January. These hills may seem innocent, but they can do a lot of damage.  Trip up on a mole hill read more

Posted Wednesday 04, December 2019 by Ian Stewart & filled under Uncategorized

Woodworm treatments are fast becoming one of our most popular services here at Eliminate. The problem can be present for a number of years, chewing away in the background, before the damage is seen.

Eliminate are a thriving Pest Control business working across Scotland and Northern England.

Due to continued growth, we are seeking a new person to join our office team read more

Posted Thursday 29, August 2019 by Eilidh Manson & filled under Uncategorized

Cockroaches in the UK can be found in a variety of industrial, agricultural and domestic environments.

You may come across signs such as: