Ten Fascinating Facts About Rats

Rats are synonymous with sewers, page and poor hygiene in the minds of many people, but this amazing mammal is in fact very interesting.

Forget the image of dirty rats going through your bins at night – here are ten amazing facts about our long-tailed neighbours:

  • A rat can survive for a longer period of time without a drink of water than a camel.
  • Rats care for their family groupings and will take care of an injured or sick member.
  • Brown rats are known to ignore dangerous signs in order to copy the behaviour of other rats. They take notice of what their peers are doing and will copy them despite their instincts.
  • Rats are shy animals that will almost always run away rather than face a threat.
  • Despite their reputation for disease and bad hygiene, rats are in fact very clean animals. They often spend hours every day grooming themselves and other members of their group.
  • Dogs and cats are more likely to cat and transmit diseases than rats.
  • Rats are sociable animals that have been observed to be unhappy and lonely when removed from social situations for long periods of time.
  • Rats famously (or infamously) have very long tails that take up a considerable portion of their body length. It helps them regulate how hot they are, communicate with other rats as well as balance.
  • Rats have been observed to make happy sounds not unlike laughter when they are playing.
  • Rats are famous for their memories of navigation. Once that has traversed a route, they will not forget it.


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